The Unkown God:
Clearing Away Confusion about God

There’s a danger in following a God we don’t even know. We become vulnerable to the idea that we must constantly try harder to please God. This book exposes the myths that keep us feeling like God is always judging and condemning us.

If you’ve ever felt that it’s impossible to please God, this book is for you.

The Unknown God

Postmillennialism Is The Goal

Eschatology (the study of the end times) has been a friendly debate in the Church for virtually its entire existence. For those unfamiliar with the categories, I will give the quickest explanation possible (but understand, it will...

Hell: An Eternal Reality

Hell is eternal misery for the wicked. I fully understand that it is popular to deny this, and there are many who would call themselves “annihilationists” or “conditionalists,” which basically means they believe that, at some point...